Wednesday, August 14, 2013

They're BAAAack!!

I'll never forget my sister calling me out of the blue one day, "Hey- I know you aren't into sports, but you have GOT to listen to this radio show-- it's hilarious!" Doubtful that I could grasp the meaning of anything sports related, I hesitated, but then was curious. Stacey knew me well- had to be something going on with this, so I gave it a try.

First I heard Darrell Rabouche's voice- I'd seen on the news before, but wondered if I would like him on radio because of his dry demeanor during 'Count and Direction' game and sports. Then Tim Fletcher chimed in on Darrell's subject.  I'd watched Fletch as well and did enjoy the funny things he referenced in his sportscast, but these two together? Talking on the radio?  Just didn't seem like it made much sense... That's where, thankfully, I was so wrong!

They were peanut butter and jelly! Burt and Ernie! Laverne and Shirley! Chocolate cake counteracted with a tall cold one (glass of milk)!  When Fletch would get messy with overreaching jokes, Darrell's dryness was there to sop it up and keep you from sugar crashing! They were the perfect complement! I was hooked!

Pretty soon I began to learn a little more about the games I had cheered for on the sidelines. I felt invested in Louisiana Sports. Pro players as well as local athletes began to develop personalities as Fletch & Rebouche discussed them with ease.  With literally DECADES of history in their caches, I felt my Northwest Louisiana roots deepen as they gave back stories of the schools and their programs that added a dimension I didn't know it existed!  I went out to catch a Bossier football game to see a kid faster than anything they'd seen in the last 10 years. When the legendary Byrd and Shreve rivalry began to build, I bought a ticket and sat in the stands even though I'm a Haughton grad!

Years later, I married that crazy man with the hair and became to love the Rebouche clan like they are my own, so yes-- I'm biased. BUT I really don't think I'm alone in my excitement about their new show!  Thats right, I said it... their NEW SHOW! 

Fletch and Rebouche are back together again!  From 8-10:30pm Every Friday Night during the 13 weeks of prep football, Tim Fletcher and Darrell Rebouche will be broadcasting LIVE from ROTOLO'S!

A LIVE audience radio show! When is the last time someone did that around here?  They'll be checking in with correspondents from all the games with halftime scores, details about big plays, coach's and player's interviews plus... Imagine this- one fan calls in from one side of the field after his QB throws for a TD that is called back for a penalty, then hearing from a fan on the OTHER side of the field that realizes they are getting a freak chance to win because of that penalty-- it's going to be INCREDIBLE RADIO!

POST GAME TRAFFIC JAMS turn into you falling in love with old school AM Radio when you are tuned in to 710 KEEL listening to Chevyland's FRIDAY FOOTBALL FRENZY!  Are you sitting in the stands waiting for your sophomore to gather up his band equipment after the game? Download RADIO PUP APP and tune into 1130 The Tiger on your phone!

Not quite ready to head home after the BIG WIN? Roll your posse over to Rotolos to take over the show with cheers!  It's going to be EPIC OUT OF CONTROL FUN!


If you are interested in having your business promoted on the ONLY Friday Football Radio Show, email We buy the airtime, you buy the ad time, football fans listen, EVERYONE WINS!

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