Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday Football Frenzy Report!

Parkway's Brandon Harris made big plays against Southwood! last night the newly crowned Mr Homecoming and Under Armor All-American talent was on display!  Parkway Alumni couldn't have asked for a better game in their return to their old stomping grounds.

Harris presented with Under Armor All-American jersey 

After Parkway's win, we had Coach Feaster join us on the post game show: 
Coach Feaster: Had to correct Brandon last week, it was good- other guys on the team need to hear me yell at him a little.
Feaster has a lot of respect for Southwood program. They got after them pretty good with blitz.
Parkway Panthers stand out players:
Brocrick Jefferson and Demetrius McAtee- receivers did well 
Artavious Lynn 6'5" specimen has been on the rise. You notice him in warmups, "Whoa! Who's that?"
Side note: Kicker Avery Shoebridge and Corey Henderson have several college visits on the horizon

Tiger Droppings Comments on Brandon Harris:
- 8 of 13, 262 yards, 5 TDs, and 3 rushes for 62 yards and 1 TD per Parkway coach Emmett Beggs
- that's over 30 yards per completion and still 20 yards per attempt. Cam is going to have fun developing this kid.
- I expect BH to come in and push Jennings right away. 
- y'all really think we let a true freshman start?
- It's unlikely, but...

See MORE Tiger Droppings Recruiting talk on Brandon Harris:

Feaster is glad both Byrd and Parkway are undefeated because two undefeated teams always make for a more exciting showdown! Haughton is going to be waiting in the weeds for Parkway- he seems to think Haughton will give them a fight that won't be soon forgotten.
Tough teams like those (Haughton) just love to hear media talk about Parkway- fuels the fire, they want to be the team that knocks off Parkway. Makes for better games- win/win for both teams and their fans.


Airline Vikings set sail to Haughton--
It was battle on the high seas when the Viking ships pulled in to Haughton Harbor. Haughton didn't seem to be playing their usual high grade football and Airline took full advantage. In the last few minutes, the Vikes pulled somewhat of an upset win over Haughton securing their coach, Bo Meeks- a Superior Coach of the Week nomination.
Haughton's Jarred Craft missed game last night against Airline- may have been a difference maker, but Coach Guin confidently stated Haughton had the man power to cover the void. His brother, Jerrod Craft intercepted the Vikes to keep a 7-7 score going into the half. Later, an outstanding play from Haughton’s Micah Larkins as he returned a kickoff 65 yards for a TD to tie the game at 21-21 but the fresh, young Airline defense put a screeching halt to that momentum.
In the end the Vikes rallied their ship's sails and blew past the Buccaneers with a last minute TD pass from Jacob James to D'Juan Byrd.  The Bucs still had 2 time outs but just :21 seconds on the clock. However a fumble on the ensuing kickoff ensured the Vikes would raise their victory flag with a 28-21 win!

Benton vs Loyola
The Benton Tigers had a full out mauling when the Flyers came to play!  Jordan Shaffer attacked with aggression that leaves a mark, and was crowned Homecoming King at halftime!  It's still up for debate on who won it for the Tigers: Shaffer or Benton's grrrrreat defense! Loyola's Coach Alan Carter gave Benton's defense the win. He said his players are still struggling with their offense, but gave the Flyer defense credit for a strong fight! Benton wins 35-7.

North Webster vs Evangel 
Evangel win:  24-6
Evangel Coach Byon Dawson Interview:
Evangel started off sluggish but Conner Curry got going and did well being patient and finding open man-patience in a freshman? Now that is impressive!
How is Little Jerry Tillery (Notre Dame Commit, Class of 2015)? He's is like the Godfather out there with those guys!
Set lofty goals- because if you aren't improving, you get stale
North Webster's touchdown earned on a run in third quarter.
Read entire game recap on Max Preps:

BTW Coach: Kendrick Law joined us after his Lions recorded their first win of the season, a 22-11 takedown of Bossier. 
Coach Law interview:
it was 8-8 then we just had to rile our boys up, stop making mistakes
Kick punt, go down there and let the ball hit them or pass interference 
BTW had a chance to ice it
It was exciting- good feeling that has been a long time coming!
Next week is the Soul Bowl!
Do the kids get to enjoy the win or is it time to focus on the Soul Bowl?
To see your kids happy- especially a week before Soul Bowl, is why you coach the game!
We gave up our summer- 2 a days
I told them this is the way you are supposed to feel!  
This win earns Coach Law a Superior Coach of the Week nomination!

Charlie Cavell, the voice of the Byrd Yellowjackets,  sitting in parking lot looking at scoreboard at Parkway (where his daughter attends) wishing it was next week already!
Deuce Casten (sophomore QB, filling in for injured Tyler Johnson) had some fumbles on the snap- but he is such a good athlete he can hit the mark- hit receivers in that spot that only they could catch it. For a FIRST START, against your BIGGEST RIVAL, during HOMECOMING GAME-- DEUCE played like an ACE!

Superior COACH OF THE WEEK nominations:
BTW- Coach Kendrick Law
Airline- Bo Meeks 
North DeSoto -- guys debated this one for a while but 
- Darrell says Coach Ab should be nominated
North DeSoto's Coach Ab (Abernathy) challenged his kids to be more physical... And they were. They ran ALL OVER with a MAXX effort you will be hard pressed to see elsewhere!
42-12 was the final score-- what a bruiser! 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Superior Coach of the Week

For the first time since 1983 the Fair Park Indians open their season with 5 wins in 5 games! Mike Greene altered his offensive philosophy and got his entire squad to buy into his mode of thinking. The payoff? Maybe more than they expect.  Sure these young men are enjoying the cheers and getting a boost in the confidence department, but do they realize what they have done? Really?

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishment toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." - Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie said it better than most, but Coach Mike Greene is breaking it down in a way that is motivating and uniting young men. That takes more than eloquent phrases in quotation marks. A lot more.  This school wasn't supposed to have a morning bell ringing to welcome students, much less a winning football team.  'Common people working together to attain uncommon results.' Sounds like the students at Fair Park are remembering what those words mean on their crest.

Those young men dressing out in Fair Park uniforms hopefully will have more success on the field, but more importantly we hope to see a ripple effect. We want to see these lessons carry them to a place of leadership in their school. Set a standard, start a trend. Hash tag success! 

Restoring Fair Park to a school filled with pride instead of a school on the verge of closing is happening with a fresh wave of hard work. The momentum is there and spreading around a determined bunch of young men with their eyes on an achievable goal... A common vision that can be spread beyond the boundaries of a football stadium... No pressure, boys, we just expect climbing GPAs, exemplary behavior, more pep at the pep rallies, community involvement, higher goals set, etc.  Sound like a lot?  You can blame us for being fans- we want to see #success that lasts beyond your Friday nights. But then you have to blame yourselves. You've revealed that Fair Park has some serious young men that don't give up when things get tough, especially if there is an opportunity to win. And there is.

Fair Park Coach Mike Greene, we applaud your leadership and congratulate you on a job well done! 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Benton's Coach Reynolds Moore is Superior Coach of the Week!

Benton's Reynolds Moore is turning the Tigers into a punkin' chunkin' team after years of running the Wing-T. The first year coach and his Tigers have had their growing pains with the new offense but the win over North Desoto is a clear indication Air Tiger is ready for takeoff!